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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is no longer just about performance, it’s about growing your business. At VCweb marketing, our team of technical SEO experts and content marketers ensure your company has a voice online.

We get brands to positions where they belong in organic search results. And keep them there.

Unlike Paid Media, SEO can’t be bought. But it can be earned — and we’ll earn it for you. At VCweb Marketing, SEO permeates everything we do. We’re a forward-thinking, proactive agency who are always future-planning. So, however the search landscape next changes, your business will flourish and grow.

With years of experience working with B2C and B2B companies - from start-ups to large enterprises - whose unique KPIs, goals and ambitions demand bespoke SEO campaigns, we deliver. For us, rich and sustainable SEO is holistic, hinging on a balance of highly technical expertise, engaging, shareable content and brand visibility.

And, instead of focusing on organic search as a siloed channel, our campaigns are integrated across all channels so our clients get the most out of their investment. As a result, our SEO team consistently work alongside our Data and Paid Search teams to identify new opportunities for first page SERP coverage.


Our SEO Expertise.

Our SEO experts will dig deep into your brand’s past, talk about the present, and make some predictions about the future. Not only are we up to date with the latest SEO trends - that’s a given - we’re ahead of the curve while our competitors play catch up. It’s all about proactively working with you and the digital SEO landscape to get you the best result. A Found guarantee.

Earning Links

Earning Links is the Way to Go!

SEO Quick Tip: Create a natural internal link structure on your website, using links that lead users to the areas of your site that they might be interested in linking to. ...

SEO Quick Tip: Always create a blog under your own domain, so that link credit will be applied to your URL

7 Steps To SEO Success

1. Mobile First Index

Mobile-first indexing means Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. Historically, the index primarily used the desktop version of a page's content when evaluating the relevance of a page to a user's query

2. Voice Search

Voice search, also called voice-enabled, allows the user to use a voice command to search the Internet, a website, or an app. In a broader definition, voice search includes open-domain keyword query on any information on the Internet, for example in Google Voice Search, Cortana, Siri and Amazon Echo.

3. Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search or Search by Voice is a Google product that allows users to use Google Search by speaking on a mobile phone or computer, i.e. have the device search for data upon entering information on what to search into the device by speaking.

4. Progressive Web Apps

A progressive web application is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is intended to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser.

5. Structured data

Structured data is a standardized format to mark up the information about the web page. It serves to search engines like Google, Bing and others to better understand what the web page is about. When search engine understands the content of the web page, then it may serve it for appropriate search queries.

6. Crawl Budget

What Is Crawl Budget?

Crawl Budget is the number of pages Googlebot crawls and indexes on a website within a given timeframe. If Google doesn’t index a page, it’s not going to rank for anything.

7. Semantic-Wise Content

Semantic Search is a search technique that improves searching precision by understanding the purpose of the search and the contextual significance of words as they appear in the searchable data space, whether on the web to generate more relevant result.

SEO Audits

All SEO projects begin with full and thorough audits, enabling all of a site's issues to be identified and then tailored actions provided to ensure best practice implementation. Our recommendations are prioritised so maximum impact can be achieved in the short, medium and long term.


Competitor & Market Place Analysis

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Our in-depth keyword and competitor landscaping analysis will benchmark your brand’s existing performance against your competitors and reveal the big opportunities to smash it in the SERPS

Structural & Tech Optimisation

By carefully optimising everything from your site's architecture to its on-page content means that we can ensure that your website is given the best possible chance to rank in the SERPs.

SEO Content

It’s imperative for content to be relevant if you truly want it to help you rank in today’s user-focused search engines. We create content targeted around specific search terms that brings genuine value to the SERPs, helping to address content gaps and build site authority.

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